5 websites to help you in your property search

Moving to a new home is an exciting and sometimes stressful time! Even if you’ve found your perfect home, you may know nothing about the area. We’ve rounded up some web tools that can help you settle into your new home.

Tips for property search

Here are some tips to make your property search easier

Google Street View

Search for your home with Street View

This is a simple tool that can be easily over looked. Use in-built Street View tools on property search sites, or just type in a post code directly to Google. Pan around the area to discover locations to visit in person. You may come across hidden gems like parks, trails and independent shops. It’s an easy way to see what the surrounding area’s look like without leaving your chair!


Discover alternative transport in your area

Sustrans is a site dedicated to alternative transport. Not only does it show you bus routes and train stations but it includes; cycling links, walking routes, points of interest and useful information to make your journey easier. If you’re the kind of person interested in sustainability and alternative travel, this is a great tool to discover how you can get around in your area.


Find a school inspection report

This is a great site for Mum and Dad as relocating can be difficult with schools in mind! Browse local schools inspection reports or use Ofsted’s Data View for a quick look at what schools are like in the area. The results range from primary to secondary education.


Find out whose sharing skills in your area

Streetbank is a fantastic site, which shows you all the things and skills your neighbours are offering. Sign up for an account using your postcode and discover those around you who are giving items away or offering useful skills. “It’s a giant garden shed, toolkit, fancy dress chest, book and DVD library and skills bank for your neighbourhood.” This may come in handy if you need some help moving in!

Freecycle & Freegle

Furnish your home with free goods at Freecycle or Freegle

Once you’ve done all your research and have your heart set on your new home, furnishing and decorating is the next step. New furniture can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be!  There are great sites like Freecycle & Freegle where people list unwanted items, for free! You wouldn’t believe some of the items people give away.

We recommend you visit this guide to both sites from Money Saving Expert to find out more

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