Upcycling: Top 10 money saving ideas

 Save money and give your home a unique makeover with the latest trend in home decorating: Upcycling.


Upcycling is a great way to transform a dull sofa with handmade scatter cushions

Upcycling is all about finding a use for unwanted and tired items around your home and giving furniture and finishes a new lease of life.

Here at Space Property, we’ve rounded up top 10 money-saving ideas to inspire you. Whether you’re moving into a new home or just want to spruce up, you’ll be amazed at what you can create!

1. Revive your Bedside Table

Here’s a excellent  way  to add a splash of colour  with a unique feature in your bedroom:

Upcycled Bedside Table

Quirky bedside table

Bedside table revival 

2. Striking Tin Can lanterns

Whether you’re having a house-warming party or just want to add some magic to your garden, this is a great tutorial to illuminate the night:

DIY Tin Can Lanterns

Illuminate the night

Tin can lantern tutorial

3. Bring order to a room

This is a fantastic way to reorganise your desk space, and make a feature piece in a plain room:

DIY Chevron Bulletin Board

Make your bulletin board an exciting feature

 DIY chevron bulletin board

4. Don’t throw out your old bed, turn it into a chair!

If you’re shopping around for a new bed, before you throw out the old one, repurpose it into a bench for your home or garden:

Repurposing a headboard tutorial

This tutorial suggests many looks you can give this bench to suit your home

 Turn a headboard into a bench

5. Clear up kitchen clutter with storage tins

This tutorial couldn’t be any easier! Instantly create extra stylish storage with these magnetic storage tins:

Magnetic storage tins

An intresting way to create extra storage

Fridge tin storage

6. DIY shoe storage box

Tidy away shoe’s with this step-by-step guide and create a unique storage solution for your home:

Shoe storage box

There are many ways you could decorate this storage box

DIY Shoe Storage 

7. Floating  ‘Book’ shelf

This is a clever idea to create extra storage shelves with books! If you have books collecting dust, this way you can give them an interesting use:

Floating Bookshelf DIY

Add a bit of mystery too your walls, with these ‘magical’ floating bookshelves

Floating Book Shelf Tutorial

8. Bottle Lamps

If you’ve any nice bottles lying around, this is the perfect way to turn them into an interesting feature for your home:

Bottle Lamp DIY

Make these lamps to match your colour scheme

How to make a bottle lamp

9. Recycled Magazine Clock

Don’t just recycle, reuse! This tutorial shows you how to make a clock from magazines:

DIY Clock

A bright, colourful addition to your walls

Recycled Magazine Clock

10. T-Shirt wall art

If you’re a lover of music and have collected many band t-shirts, or just have some interesting ones, here’s a tutorial that guides you through turning them into great pieces of art:

T-Shirt Wall out

Show off your T-shirt collection

Make T-Shirt art

Need some extra help in your new home improvement ventures? Check out your nearest B&Q for step-by-step You Can Do It classes in all areas of DIY. Learn from the best one-on-one, with family or friends. If you’re looking to bring the whole family, Kids Can Do It workshops cater for children aged 7-11.

You can do it  classes

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