Money saving tips for renters

Saving money when you are renting can be difficult. At Space Property we have gathered together the top money-saving tools, tricks and ideas to make sure you get the most out of your property.

Energy Saving Ideas

Use our tips to stop you breaking into the piggy bank

Comparison Sites

We’ve all seen the adverts and heard the songs – using comparison sites really could save you money.

Make use of the following websites:

Money Supermarket

Compare the Market

Go Compare

Take time to browse in order to find cheap deals for a variety of services. Be sure to visit Direct Line and Aviva as their services are available only directly through their websites.

Contents Insurance

Sometimes things go wrong and contents insurance can be a life-saver. Make sure you understand the terms of your tenancy. In most cases your landlord is responsible for building insurance; if you are unsure check with your landlord.

Contents insurance covers you for the items in your property. You may have a laptop, camera, mobile phone or other items which are of importance to you. Make sure you find cover which is suitable for the items you own – don’t under-insure or you’ll find yourself not receiving a pay out when you need it most.

Remember to check comparison sites to make sure you find the cheapest deal.


We all want to check our Facebook and watch movies without having to watch the loading bar crawl along the screen first. If you are sharing it may affect your broadband speed. Consider the needs of all those living in your home, then head to comparison sites to find yourself the best deal. Be wary that many contracts are 12 months, which isn’t useful if you are only renting for 6 months!

Money Saving Expert have a cheap broadband guide, to help you get the best buys

Save money on bills

If the energy providers you currently use are costing you too much, it’s time to change supplier. Check the terms of your tenancy to make sure your contract allows you to – discuss it with your landlord if you are unsure. Use comparison sites and ensure you are getting the best deal for your home. Uswitch is another useful site for comparing energy suppliers.

If you’re struggling to work out who owes what, there a few sites you can use to split the bills easily. Glide offers a service in which you pay for your share of the bill on the agreed date of the month. Ensure that you read and fully understand their terms and conditions, to make sure the service suits your needs: Visit Glide

Save Energy

Not only does saving energy help you be more environmentally friendly but it cans save you money too. Simple actions such as turning your thermostat down by 1 Degree Celsius and you could save as much as £60 per year. Don’t just stop there, invest in energy-saving light bulbs and wash your clothes at lower temperatures. Oh and don’t forget to wrap up in winter! It may seem obvious but people often forget – you won’t be cranking the radiators up if you’re in warm clothing.


Everyone one loves a freebie. There are sites where you can find free items for you home. Freegle and Freecycle are web communities in which you can find people in your area with items they want to give away. It may be a case of sifting through to find the best items but if you keep up-to-date with the communities you may be surprised with what you can find.

Visit our blog on property search tools to find more about Freecycle and Freegle.

DIY Decorating

As a renter it may be hard to make permanent changes to your home. Visit our blog post on decorating tips for renters, where an expert in the field has shared some of her top tips and advice. There are many small changes you can make to your home which are non-intrusive, and cheap! You can also check our post on ‘Upcycling’ – reusing old  items and turning them into something new. You can also look on our Pinterest where we post inspiration for your home improvements, and simple DIY tutorials.

Have you got any  money-saving tips to share with other renters? Tweet us @spaceprops or visit us on Facebook and share your thoughts.


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