Winter warmers for Renters

It’s that time of year when you can’t decided if you need to turn the heating on yet. If you’re looking for ways to stay warm this winter, we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

Winter-proof your home

Stay warm this winter

Wrap up yourself, and your home!

Winter is the worst time for something like your boiler to break down. Make sure you keep warm – there’s no need to freeze! Have a look round your property and check you are winter-proof. Use the following tips to help you ensure you’ll stay warm.

Outside your home:

  • Make sure your water pipes are insulated if they are exposed to the elements
  • Check the guttering isn’t blocked, broken or leaking – you don’t want it freezing up or leaking in cold weather
  • If you can get to the roof – check for loose or missing tiles or any cracks and make sure they are fixed
  • If you are in an area prone to flooding, make sure you are fully prepared. Visit your local councils website to find out how to stay safe and to keep an eye out for any warnings or roads which may be closed

Inside your home:

Warming by a fire

Did you know part of staying warm is in the mind? Get warm fabrics and warm colours for your home

  • Power-cuts are a pain. Keep a backup stash of candles, matches, blankets, a torch and batteries and a battery power radio in easily reachable locations
  • If you have any leaking taps or pipes, make sure you get them repaired. They may cause you problems if they freeze up
  • Get your boiler an insulated jacket to keep it just as cosy as you and ask if you can have it serviced to ensure it’s ready for winter
  • Keep your curtains and blinds closed once it cools down, to ensure heat doesn’t escape
  • Get draught excluders to keep cold winds out. Visit our blog on ways to go green for renters to find out how to make your own
  • Cold floors can make a room feel colder. A fluffy rug will keep your toes warms and your home looking nice

Make sure you inform your landlord in good time if you notice any problems, as they may end up costing you and your landlord extra money if damaged is caused from the cold

Winter-proof yourself

Warm Hands

It’s important to keep yourself warm – we don’t want you getting ill

Now you’ve got your home nice and toasty, it’s time to make sure you stay just as warm this winter. The following tips can help you stay cosy:

  • Wear several thin layers instead of one thick layer – this will help to trap warm air between the layers
  • Get indoor-clothes or pyjamas made from wool, cotton or fleecy fabric where possible
  • Eat well! Make sure you’re eating regular hot meals, as your body need something to burn to keep you warm
  • If you’re taking a break – prop your feet up and wrap your self in a blanket to stay cosy
  • If when you get to bed it’s still cold, wrap up well. Make sure you have plenty of blankets to hand

But what about the heating?

Visit this guide on Uswitch to find out the best way to heat your home, depending on your boiler and room size. In some cases you may be able to heat one room and leave the rest of the house unheated – though it may be more cost-effective to heat your whole house. Make sure you’re using your boiler to your best advantage. If your bills are too high, you can also use Uswitch to find a cheaper provider.

View the Uswitch guide

We hope this guide help you fight off the chills this winter. If you have any other help and advice for tenants or homeowners, Tweet us @spaceprops or visit us on Facebook.


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