Spooky Yorkshire: Halloween DIY

Halloween is nearly upon us and we’ve all ready shared with you where to go this October. Now we’ve rounded up our top 5 easy DIY Halloween tutorials so you can decorate your home for the occasion.

Halloween DIY

Have a fabulously frightful Halloween…

1) Spooky candles.

DIY candles

Make your own blood-curdling candles

All you have to do to make these fab candles is: hold a red candle over the white candle as demonstrated in the photo and let the wax drip down!

2) Mice staircase

Creepy Staircase

Eek! Give your guests a scare with these stencils

Print out these stencils and attach them to your stairs or skirting board for a creepy walkway.

Download the stencils here

3) Paper Pumpkins

How to make paper pumpkins

These colourful pumpkins look fab!

If you’re not planning on getting the real thing, here’s a simple way to make pumpkins out of paper.

View the full tutorial

4) Vampire Pumpkins

How to make Fanged mini pumpkins

Decorate your home with fanged mini pumpkins

Now if you’re after something with a bit more bite – give these mini vampire pumpkins a go. Adorable or terrifying – you decide!

Follow the simple instructions

5) Trick-or-treat cake stand

Halloween Cake Stands

They look a treat

This is a simple idea which makes a great display for all your Halloween treats. Once you’ve finished your cake stands, browse the other pages on Sweet Sugar Belle for yummy Halloween nibbles.

Find out how to make your own

More DIY ideas

If you’re feeling creative, visit our Pinterest where we’ve collected over 30 top Halloween decoration tutorials and ideas so you can make your home look frightfully good!

Get inspired and view our Halloween decor board

Have you had a go or got any Halloween decoration ideas to share? Tweet us @spaceprops or visit us on Facebook.


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